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Local Foods Showcase @ The Wyoming Climate Forum

Food Showcase Guidelines


· You may have as many entries as you desire and enter both the appetizer and entrée categories.

· The primary ingredient(s) for all entries must be from a local/regional source.

           Please provide a title card naming your dish and the source of the main ingredient(s).

           For example: “Butternut Soup – Squash from Sheila Bird Farms” or “Spicy Kale Chips – Kale

           from my garden” or "Smoked Elk Strips & Salsa - Elk from the Snowies, homemade salsa"

· All entries should use local/regional products for all ingredients if available.

           All entries with 100% local ingredients will receive special recognition.

           Canned, bottled and frozen ingredients are permitted if they use local sources.

           For example: Frozen elk roast, beans canned from your garden, etc.

· You should provide a legible list of ingredients suitable for display, with local products starred. 

· All entries should serve at least 10 people. The more servings you provide, the more potential votes 

  you could receive.

            Please keep servings small, to allow people to sample as many dishes as possible.

- There are refrigerators, microwaves and stoves available for warming or refrigerating entries, but all

  entries are expected to be prepared in advance.

- Additional details will be provided upon entry and during the week before the showcase.

climate-friendly utensils & containers only PLEase

Please be sustainable in the presentation of your entries. No disposable plastics.

how to win

Attendees of the Wyoming Climate Forum will vote on their first and second choices in both the appetizer and entree categories. Second is worth five points, first is worth ten. Highest point total wins.

what you win

First place in each category will receive a $100 gift card from The Big Hollow Co-op.

Second place in each category will receive a $25 gift card from The Big Hollow Co-op.

Other prizes may be awarded.

how to enter

There is no entry fee. Entry is by email only. Please send a separate email for each entry. 

Your email should include the following information:

     -- Name of individual or group submitting

     -- Contact information (phone and/or email)

     -- Category of entry (Appetizer or Entree)

     -- Title for the entry (e.g. "Bison/Zucchini Lasagna)

             This is for reference only. You may change the name on your title card.

     -- Number of servings. This is for planning purposes only, not a commitment.

     -- Please note any special requirements.

     -- Entries should be received by midnight, Saturday, September 14.

     -- Email your entry to with "Showcase entry" in the subject line.


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