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The Wyoming Climate Champion Awards

making a difference for our future

Climate Champions are those people or businesses who are working to address the climate crisis that threatens humanity. They are raising awareness and encouraging action on the part of both individuals and governments.

STUDENT – For any student in Wyoming at any level, from grade school to graduate student. The generations that are now growing from childhood into adults are the ones who will suffer the most from climate disruption. This award is for those generations.

INDIVIDUAL – For any person that has recognized the severity of the climate crisis and has taken steps to change their personal choices, raise awareness, and/or move their community and state to action.

BUSINESS – For any business which, through their business model, their community involvement, and/or public engagement, has advanced the effort to mitigate the climate crisis.

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Nominations open until Sept. 1, 2020

Climate Champion Nominations

categories - student, individual, business

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finalists in each category will be announced September 7, 2020

The finalists and those who nominated them will be notified via the contact information provided.

Wyoming Climate Activists

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